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MAD is transforming the lives of children around the world by giving them access to quality education.

We’re currently helping students from Tanzania, Zambia and Syria while raising up funds for more scholarships for youth from around the world so they may pursue their dreams!  We believe access to quality education is the key to the end of poverty. We instill in children a belief in themselves and a need to care for others then we give them the biggest gift one can give; quality education. Quality education empowers them even further by providing them with the resources to develop their minds, social skills, peers with whom they can later network with, and the ability to share what they learn with their villages and their future families.

Sponsorship starts at $35 a month and is used for the following:

  • School fees
  • Boarding (accommodation and meals
  • Development of their school

Please consider making a difference in a child’s life by becoming a sponsor today!

About Jonas

Jonas was born in 1998 in the village of Rombo. His mother’s name was Maria and his father’s name was Festo. He has one brother named Innocent who was born in 1996 and one sister named Magdelaina who was born in 1990; she lives with their grandmother. Jonas studies at the same boarding school as...
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About Mwenda

Mwenda was born in 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya. His mother was from Tanzania and his father from Kenya. Mwenda moved to Tanzania when he was five-years-old. He had one brother named Nelson who died when he was three-years-old. He has a brother named Elia who is living. Elia lives with his grandmother. She can afford...
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About Benny

Benard, also called “Benny”, was born in 2000 in Machame, Tanzania. He has two brothers. His brother Christopher is also supported by Make A Difference and they attend school together. His other brother Deus lives in Machame. His grandmother takes care of Deus, but struggles. Benny and Christopher’s father died, but his mother is still...
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About Juma

Juma was born in 1999 in Kilototoni. He is an incredibly gifted soccer player and athlete overall. His mother’s name is Zainab and his father’s name is Azizi Mashauri. Juma is related to Subira and Shabani who MAD also supports. Subira is his cousin and Shabani is his older brother. Juma is related to Subira...
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About Christina

Christina was born in 1999 in Watina Tom, Kenya (Near Nairobi). Her father is dead and her mother struggles to support Christina. She has two brothers and three sisters who are all older than she. Her siblings live in Arusha and Dar Es Salaam. Christina is a very strong and competitive girl. She loves to...
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About Peter

Peter was born in the village of Mamba in 2002. He is our youngest boy. His parents both died of AIDS and are buried in his grandparents front yard. His grandmother was abusive and never let him go to school because she wanted him to help feed the animals and clean. After much beating, Peter...
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About Christopher

Christopher was born in the village of Machame, Tanzania in 2001. Christopher has two brothers. Deus, who was born in 1997, still lives in Machame. Benard, also known as Benny, was born in 2000 and attends the same school as Christopher. His father died. His mother is still alive but struggles to survive in their...
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About Upendo

Upendo’s name means “Love” in Swahili and she is full of it! Upendo is always smiling and laughing. She was born in 1999 and raised in the village of Same. Her mother’s name was Stella and her father’s name was Elliabu. Both of Upendo’s parents died when Upendo was very young. Upendo is the youngest...
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About Eliona

Eliona was born in 1998. He is quite a character. Full of jokes, laugher and hugs. You can never be bored around Eliona! He had one older brother and sister but both died. The sister fell down from a tree and got a severe cut. She was taken to the hospital, but didn’t survive. The...
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About Mary

Mary, or as she is often called in her village, Maria, was born in 1997. She is very academic, quiet, very well organized and loves to laugh. Currently she is attending one of the best secondary schools for girls in the nation with the help of Make A Difference. Her father’s name was Ernesti and...
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About Exuper

Exuper is a great artist and loves to play football/American soccer. He has a wonderful smile and is very creative. Exuper was born in Kilema, Tanzania in 1998. He has two brothers (Emmanuel and George). All of his siblings are older than him. His mother has died and his father is struggling to survive with...
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About Revo

Revo was born in Uru, Tanzania. He is the youngest of ten siblings. His father died in 2003 and his mother struggled to care for him and his brothers and sisters. Revo’s mother is still alive but is unable to care for him. Revo is an exceptional young man. Despite all that he has gone through,...
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About Innocent

Innocent, also known as Inno, was born in 1996 in the village of Rombo Mashati near Kilimanjaro. His mother’s name was Maria and his father’s name was Festo. He has one brother named Jonas who was born in 1998 and goes to school with Inno. He also has a sister whose name is Magdelaina. She...
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About Shaban

Shaban loves school and always seems to excel in his studies. He was born in 1998 in Kilototoni near Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain). His family is Muslim. His father died, but his mother is alive. She sells vegetables on the side of the road and earns barely enough to live. Make A Difference also supports...
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About Gift

Gift is a gift! He loves to giggle, play games and enjoy life as much as possible! Gift was born in 2000 in Marangu near Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain) in Tanzania. His father passed away. His mother is still alive but struggles to get by. He visits with her during holidays. Gift loves playing cards and...
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About Aya

 Aya is one of our newest scholarship students. She joined our program during the summer of 2017. As an ambitious Syrian girl, Aya has achieved many great things despite having limited resources available to her. She is from a town near the war zone in Syria. In the ninth grade she won first place for...
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About Jackline

Jackline (also called Jackie) was born in 1995 in Machame, Tanzania. Before being helped by Make A Difference, Jackie and her younger brother lived with their grandparents. Her mother passed away when she was only nine-years-old, and she doesn’t remember when her father died. Living with her grandparents meant that Jackline never got to focus...
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About Esther

Esther joined MAD’s program on August 2017.  She is in the 11th grade at the International School of Moshi (ISM) for diploma studies (International Baccalaureate).  Before joining MAD’s program, she was studying at a local private school named, St. Mary’s Mazinde Juu Secondary School. Esther graduated from this school at the end of 2016 with...
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About Deo

Deo was born in Kirua, Tanzania in 1994. Both of his parents died when he was just five-years-old. Before he started receiving help from Make A Difference, he was living with his grandparents in Moshi. Unfortunately, they were unable to properly care for him as they needed help themselves. Deo was not given the opportunity...
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About Sydney

Sydney was born on May 7th 1995 in the village of Munkankaulwa in Zambia, Africa. In 2003, his mother passed away and shortly after his father died as well. Sydney had no place to live and eventually ended up going to stay with his grandmother who was blind and needed help herself. Sydney realized during...
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About Edward

Edward was born in May of 1997. His parents died when he was four-years-old. After his parents died, his grandparents moved him to the village of Kirua to live with them. He had one brother who died when he was young. We are uncertain why. He also has one brother named Innocent who is one...
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About Margareth

Margareth was born on April 6th 2003 in the Kilema, Kilimanjaro, She joined MAD in May of 2017 and is currently attending one of Tanzania’s best all girls’ schools, St. Teresa of Calcutta Secondary School. Margareth lost her father at a young age and her mother sells vegetables on the side of the road near...
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About Subirah

“Make A Difference means a lot to me because it’s changed my life since I was young until now. I understand myself more and they’ve helped me with my confidence through education. It has changed me from darkness of the world to brightness world. Thanks you to all the donors, volunteers and board – everyone...
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About Arnaud

Arnaud is 17 and was born in Burundi, a small country in East Africa, near a beautiful lake called Lake Tanganyika. “I never thought I would leave my home, but the last few years have been very difficult in my country. Before I left, my school was closed for nearly 4 months. It wasn’t even...
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About Joseph

Joseph was born in 1999 in Mamba Marangu. He has a brother, Peter, who MAD starting helping after a home visit. His brother lived out in the banana trees alone and was starving when he got him. Joseph’s mother and father are both dead due to AIDS. After his mother died he lived with his...
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About Neema

Neema was born in Marangu, Tanzania on the 14th of January, 1994. At only 7 months-old, Neema’s father passed away, and just two years later, so did her mother. As a result, she and her two older brothers were raised by their grandparents. She led a very tough life growing up. She was only fed...
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About Omega

“Make A Difference means a lot to me because it helped me move from one stage to another through provision of education.  I’m a more confident person today and I can also now understand how to help others in difficult situations. While studying at college in Tanzania I have had the opportunity to grow a lot...
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