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Sydney was born on May 7th 1995 in the village of Munkankaulwa in Zambia, Africa. In 2003, his mother passed away and shortly after his father died as well. Sydney had no place to live and eventually ended up going to stay with his grandmother who was blind and needed help herself. Sydney realized during this difficult time that the only way to survive was to work. So at the age of 10 he began to take on any job he could find. Just when Sydney thought all hope was lost, things began to turn around. Eye doctors from abroad came to Zambia to help patients; Sydney’s grandmother was one of the patients. With their assistance, she was able to regain her sight. After this moment, Sydney’s grandmother was able to help him again. Together they worked enough so that Sydney was able to finish high school with flying colors.

Sydney’s dream was to go one day go to college and work towards a career that would enable him to support himself. He applied to Chainama College of Health Sciences under the Ministry of Health in Zambia. In 2016 February 2017, he was accepted at Chainama but decided to decline attending the school as he didn’t receive any financial assistance and couldn’t afford to go. With tears running down his cheeks, he went to the school to let them know that he was unable enroll due to lack of funds. At this sametime he met another orphaned student, Mr. Daniel Matepeta, who is was working as an accountant for Chainama College of Health Sciences under the Ministry of Health Zambia. Daniel was touched by Sydney’s story and explained to him how he was raised at an Orphanage (Messiah Ministries) and how he was helped through school by two organization, Make a Difference (MAD) and Courage to Be You. Daniel told Sydney not to cancel his acceptance but instead wait for solutions. Daniel has committed to sponsoring 10% of Sydney’s tuition fee every semester until he graduates. The college offers lunch so one meal of his is always covered and whatever his brother brings for supper. He has been sponsored through 2017 and just needs help for 2018 and 2019. His goal is to become a physician’s assistant, to work for the government and contribute to the country and community through the provision of quality medical services.

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