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revoRevo was born in Uru, Tanzania. He is the youngest of ten siblings. His father died in 2003 and his mother struggled to care for him and his brothers and sisters. Revo’s mother is still alive but is unable to care for him. Revo is an exceptional young man. Despite all that he has gone through, he was the president of his entire student body, voted best English speaker of his school, was ranked number one in his class and graduated from secondary school with honors. His favorite subject is psychology. He loves to sing, play basketball, spend time outdoors, and help others. Revo is a natural born leader and is a role model for all the children MAD supports. He recently established a Make A Difference (MAD) Tutoring program for vulnerable children.

Revo would like to be a civil engineer in the future so that he can help improve the infrastructure within Tanzania.

Read Revo’s Blog for updates on his grades, recent activities, items he received from MAD, and goals for the future.

Consider helping Revo achieve his dreams by helping sponsor him!
Revo applied for and received an early decision approval to Duke University in the USA! He has great grades, has worked hard for this opportunity, and we’re all thrilled for his success. He recently received the Master Card scholarship, which is quite an accomplishment!  He will be needing additional assistance to help him pay for clothing, transport, dental insurance and emergency pocket money. Please consider being part of his amazing journey!

Levels of Sponsorship
Full sponsorship of $2,000 includes:
– Sponsorship of the child of your choice.
– Certificate of sponsorship.
– Profile of your chosen child.
– Skype update from your sponsored child each month. *Calls must be scheduled in advance.
– One letter every six months.
– Updates from the child on their personal blog.

Partial sponsorship of $400 includes:
– Sponsorship of the child of your choice.
– Profile of your chosen child.
– Skype update from your sponsored child.
– One letter every year.
– Updates from the child on their personal blog.

Sponsorship Options


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2 Responses

  1. Hujambo Revo. Congratulations on being accepted into the International School of Moshi. I understand it is quite an honor to be accepted into that particular school. You must be getting excited for August to arrive. You are a smart, talented, and creative young man with a wonderful heart. I wish you much success and know you will do well.

    Once again, it was a pleasure and blessing to meet and spend time with you earlier this year. I enjoy seeing the picture of you and the others when I go to my Facebook page each day. I’m looking forward to my return trip the early part of next year.

    Nancy Grant

  2. What a wonderful update Revo. I’m delighted to hear how much you’re enjoying your school. Great selection of classes you’ve chosen. I hear it was quite an honor for your to be accepted to that particular school. What a gift you gave the others to share your experience with those at the orphanage.
    It must be exciting to think of attending Mama Theresa’s wedding party. What a great day it will be.

    Take good care and keep up the great work you’re doing. I look forward to seeing you when I return in mid-January.

    Abundant blessings to you Revo,

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