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Peter was born in the village of Mamba in 2002. He is our youngest boy. His parents both died of AIDS and are buried in his grandparents front yard. His grandmother was abusive and never let him go to school because she wanted him to help feed the animals and clean. After much beating, Peter ran away from home and raised himself. He used to search for food during the day and sleep alone at night in a banana field. Make A Difference enrolled Peter in school for the first time in 2008 with the help of a wonderful sponsor from Canada who was still trying to finish college. Peter attends boarding school with his brother Joseph who MAD also helps. He loves to play and laugh. His favorite activity is to go swimming with volunteers and his best experience with MAD was going to Lake Challa near the border of Kenya.

Peter’s dream is to finish secondary school with good grades and make sure all his grandparents and aunt get to eat! He would like to be an international pilot when he grows up!

Read Peter’s Blog for updates on his grades, recent activities, items he received from MAD, and goals for the future.

Consider helping Peter achieve his dreams by helping sponsor him!
Peter’s schooling is being paid for this year, but he has many years of schooling ahead of him and needs more sponsorship. Peter attends school at Royal Junior Secondary School. He will graduate from secondary school the Fall of 2019, attend advanced level school from 2020 – 2021 and then go to college.

Levels of Sponsorship
Full sponsorship of $2,000 includes:
– Sponsorship of the child of your choice.
– Certificate of sponsorship.
– Profile of your chosen child.
– Skype update from your sponsored child each month. *Calls must be scheduled in advance.
– One letter every six months.
– Updates from the child on their personal blog.

Partial sponsorship of $400 includes:
– Sponsorship of the child of your choice.
– Profile of your chosen child.
– Skype update from your sponsored child.
– One letter every year.
– Updates from the child on their personal blog.

Sponsorship Options


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6 Responses

  1. Michelle

    Oh Peter! I’m sorry to here that you have the chicken pox, but it really is just part of the process of growing up. I had them when I was about ten years old and I gave them to my best friend, so we were be itchy together. To help with the itching my mom would put baking soda mixed with water to make a paste and would cover my spots. It would help dry out the blisters. Try not to itch them though because you could get scars on your beautiful skin.

    What is Chapati? Is it a fruit?

    I’m glad Mama Theresa is reminding you to wear your helmet! I’m sure you go super fast and I would not want you to fall of and bump your head.

    I’m very proud of you for working had at your schooling and you should be proud of yourself too! That’s a big improvement from 21 to 42 and it’s proof that you can do anything you want to as long as you try your best. And everyone needs helps once and a while, it’s awesome that you are working with a tutor.

    It is winter here in Canada and we have a little bit of snow on the ground right now and it is very cold!!!

    What is the weather doing in Tanzania? Are you getting a lot of rain yet?

    I look forward to you responding to me soon!

    I love you lots!!!! And miss you!!!!

  2. Thank you for this update on your blog, Peter. It is very nice to read about your good results in school and with your tutoring. Keep up the good work! You obviously like geography. It was also one of my favorite subjects in school. I hope your chicken pox is better now and that the blisters are gone. Enjoy your bike rides – and don’t forget the helmet!
    Much love, Peter

  3. Pam Thacker

    Hi, Peter! I do hope you remember me. My husband and I came to the orphanage in August of 2013 and brought with us some supplies (in 2 big suitcases) that our church collected. You and I kicked the soccer ball around for a little bit and then we threw the ball back and forth for quite a long time. Then we had 2 balls going back and forth! We do hope to come back and visit you all sometime. I’m so glad to hear that you have been doing well in school. Having a good education is very important. You are a very special young man, and you can do whatever you set your mind to! I’m so very sorry you had the chicken pox. I got the chicken pox on the my 12th birthday! Can you believe that? I remember that it itched so bad. What kind of books do you like to read? It’s great that you are reading during your Easter Break. Keep up the excellent work! You and the other children remain in my daily prayers, and I will pray that you continue to do such a good job in school!

    I look forward to reading more about you in your blog!

    Pam Thacker, USA

  4. Hello Peter – I always feel happy when I see your smiling face and I miss your big hugs that you gave us each day. I love to hear that you are doing so well and hope that you are very happy at your school. I think next time Alex and I visit you will probably be taller than me too. We think of you often and send all our love. Bi Bi (Mama Alex and Alex) xx

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