Donors & Partners

Donors & Partners

Make A Difference (MAD) is extraordinarily grateful to all the individuals, corporations, and foundations who generously supported MAD’s educational programs in 2016 (January 1st – December 31st).  Generosity is the reason why Make A Difference’s students are thriving today and enables us to provide quality education and care to each child. 

Our Donors

Words cannot express how important each donor is to the future success of the children we help.

$10,000 +

Brown, Lyne Rogers
Gordon, Joyce
Guy, Deborah Foundation
The Joan Leidy Foundation

$5,000 + $9,999

$1,000 to $4,999

Buchi, Jana L.
Chatram, Jagadish
Chiu, Amy
Conklin, David & Wendy
Cooper, Neil & Shawna
Decanio, Claudio C.M.
Eversole, Alexa
Fedak, Lauren
Golich, Bradley
Google Matching Gifts Program
Grau, Danielle
Hailey Rotary Foundation, Inc.
Handley, Tom
Hardyman, Daniel
Hickerson, Mike
Higueros, Pierre
Homewood, Vanessa
In Faith Community Foundation
Mandeville, Liza
Mastrogiovanni, Analia
Mitchell, Laura
Murphy, Megan
Rancourt, Heather
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Singer, Elizabeth
Stennet, Joseph & De Nize
Swift, Jody
Thomas, Jennifer
Thomas, John & Jennifer
Thrivent Choice
van Veenendaal, Frank
Wang, Xin
Weicht, Elizabeth & Grant

$500 to $999

American Express Foundation
Anderson, Arik
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Berman, Carly
Cordova, Eva L
Core, Ashley
Davis, Laura
Gundelach, Emma Louise
Harvey, Jill & Ronald
Kelly, Kardyhm
Lew, Jaime
Lillig, Rebecca
Medina, Bertha
Souther, Courtney
The McConnll Foundation

$250 to $499

Connor, Mary
Dickey, Robert
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fleetwood, Mark
Goodwin, L
Hartl, Paul
Hicks, Courtney
Hopson, Melanie
Jansen, Michelle
Letter, Diana
Leung, Winnie
Logozzo, Jan
Logozzo, Jeanne
McCurdy, Thomas
Moller, Yvette
Neilson, Jessica
Nelson, Lillian
Nelson, Sherry
O’Gara, Vicki
Paypal Corporate
Phillips, Cheryl
Prevish, Leslie
Rounsavell, Myra Jo
Schlicht, Gail
Solberg, Brandalyn
Solberg, Corinne
Stephanos & Olga Photography
Taylor, Kyle..
Vang Jensen, Peter
White, Kelli
Whitley, Heather
Williams, Lisa

$1 to $249

AmazonSmile Foundation
Anderson, Deborah
Bhattacharya, Shubhajit
Boyle, Katherine
Briggs, Jeff & Sherry
Calonico, Karen
Camplin, Eric
Croff, Sarah
Dumuriee, Alex R
Ecker, Carla
Enterkin, Jeffery
Estebez, Carolyn
Foothills Composite High School
Foster, John & Linda
Franks, Ellen
Frederick, Malorie
Handler, Yuko
Herman, Kathryn
Hierholzer, Linda
Hightower, Lupita & Ken
Jacobi, Rick
Kirkland, George & Lenda
London, Kate
MacRae, Robin
McBride, Jill
McCoy, Kelly
McQueen, Danielle
Merritt, Leahanne
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Myers, Fred
Nejdawi, Karen
Nicholson, Karen & Mark
Ocon, Emily
Ohora, Judy
Ortiz, Elizabeth
PayPal Giving Fund
Peist, Steven
Reza, Alicia
Rife, Kimberly
Roselle, Ann
Satori LLC
Scheitrum, Colleen
Schlotterbeck, Steven
Shively, Wendi
Smith, Sheryl
Stein, Grant & Janet
Stein, Timothy
Torgerson, Amy
Turner, Dr. Roselyn
Weissman, David
Wolfe, John
Zetlan, Sandy

In Memory Of

Remembering those who have passed and paying special tribute to them.

In Memory of Eunice A. Logozzo. Donation Made by Jeanne Logozzo.

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