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Would you like to know when our students have upcoming birthdays or when a good time to volunteer would be? Our calendar will help you plan for both!

View Children’s Blogs

Each of our students have a Blog that they update every quarter when they’re on holiday from school. If you’re interested in knowing how they’re doing it’s a good place to go for updates. 

Watch our Videos

Over the years we have taken many photos and video’s of the students we help as well as volunteers and their time with us that we would love to share with you. 

See our Photographs

If you’re thinking of getting involved with our organization, check out a few of our photographs highlighting a few of our projects, the children we help and volunteer accommodation. 

Read our Articles

Read stories that have been written about the amazing students we help,  our charity hikes that help them and the volunteers that have dedicated their time and talent to make a difference.

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