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neemaNeema was born in Marangu, Tanzania on the 14th of January, 1994. At only 7 months-old, Neema’s father passed away, and just two years later, so did her mother. As a result, she and her two older brothers were raised by their grandparents. She led a very tough life growing up. She was only fed at night before bed and was often very hungry. They lived in a hut covered only by grass and slept on the skin of a cow without sheets or blankets. Drinking water was only available from a nearby river, which is also where they would bathe.

Since being helped by MAD, Neema is much healthier and happier. Food is no longer a worry for her, chicken and eggs being her favorite. She can now concentrate on the things in life that she loves to do!

Neema’s goal is to be an accountant and work for the government. She wants to help collect taxes and ensure the taxes that get collected are used to develop community services.

Read Neema’s Blog for updates on her grades, recent activities, items she received from MAD, and her goals for the future.

Consider helping Neema achieve her dreams by helping sponsor her!
Neema’s schooling is being paid for this year, but she has years of schooling ahead of her and needs more sponsorship. Neema is currently attending St. Christina Girls’ Secondary School in Tanga, Tanzania. She will graduate from advanced level the Spring of 2016 and then to go college.

Levels of Sponsorship

Full sponsorship of $2,000 includes:
– Sponsorship of the child of your choice.
– Certificate of sponsorship.
– Profile of your chosen child.
– Skype update from your sponsored child each month. *Calls must be scheduled in advance.
– One letter every six months.
– Updates from the child on their personal blog.

Partial sponsorship: $400 includes:
– Sponsorship of the child of your choice.
– Profile of your chosen child.
– Skype update from your sponsored child.
– One letter every year.
– Updates from the child on their personal blog.

Sponsorship Options


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3 Responses

  1. Lyne' Brown

    Neema, it is so good to read your blog. We miss you and look forward to seeing you in February. Pat and I will be visiting Tanzania and coming out to see you.

    We are so excited that you graduated and very proud of you! We also are so proud that you were Ble to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro! We want to climb it too, but have not been able to get there for the climbs. It is an amazing thing that you have done it!

    I wear the beautiful necklace that you made when we were there earlier this year. It always reminds me of you. I also have a picture of you that hangs in my house and also another one at my office. It makes me smile to see it!

    Thanks for writing on your blog. I look forward to seeing more of your writing. Love you lots! – Lyne’

  2. Hujambo Neema,
    I hope you and Omega are thoroughly enjoying your time at the St. Christina school in Tanga. Congratulations for being accepted! You are a lovely and smart young woman. I know you will do well in your studies and in life.

    It was such a pleasure meeting and spending time with you wonderful young people when we visited Tanzania earlier this year. It was an unexpected blessing that we could spend extra time with you that were older while you were out of school and waiting for your test results. I have a picture of all of you posted on my Facebook page that I see many times a week. It’s brings a smile to my face remembering the time with you wonderful.

    We have a new baby in my family as of June 19th – the first girl in our family in 25 years. My new granddaughter’s name is ELovie and she’s precious. She lives 1300 miles away so I haven’t been able to see her yet, but have seen many, many pictures. She and her mom are coming to visit in August and I’m excited for their visit.

    I’m also excited to be returning to Tanzania early next year. I haven’t bought the ticket yet so don’t have an exact date, but know it will be January.

    Love and blessings to you.

    Nancy Grant

  3. Mpendwa Nancy,

    Asante sana! Thank you for your love and encouragement! Congratulations on the new baby! You needed a girl! Elovie has the name love in it. I like that.
    Mama Theresa said you will come back for a year! We are very excited. Thank you!



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