I’m now in the 10th grade at Royal Secondary School

Hi everyone

I’m now in the 10th grade at Royal Secondary School. Our class is a division of two classe; science and the business. I take science subject to help me accomplish my goal of becoming an engineer. The subjects that I need to help me reach my career goal are:- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM). The reason I want be an engineer is that our country has very few engineers. One of my biggest dreams is to have enough wealth that I can help my relatives and help those who are in need of support such as as orphans. I am helped by MAD. I give all my thanks to Mama Henry (Theresa) and may God bless her with her family. At school, I have many friends such as David, Nobert, Said, Denis, Owen, Hassan, and Yuda but my best friends are David, Nobert and Saidi. The reason they are my best friends is that they are the ones who I normally study with, they aim higher and they always give me advice when I have a problem that I need help with.

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