About Aya

 Aya is one of our newest scholarship students. She joined our program during the summer of 2017. As an ambitious Syrian girl, Aya has achieved many great things despite having limited resources available to her. She is from a town near the war zone in Syria.

In the ninth grade she won first place for outstanding performance in her city and was honored by community leaders. She was also selected among 4000 applicants to be one of 150 student sto attend Global Encounters, a  25-day camp that selects inspiring youth from all over the world to attend conferences on culture, leadership and service.

Make A Difference is helping Aya attend Riverstone International School in Boise, Idaho (USA). She received a partial scholarship from the school and MAD is matching the scholarship. She will finish her last three years of school at Riverstone so she can study in a peaceful environment. She says she is excited to be able to obtain a high quality of education so that it will act as a weapon for her to return to her home country and help rebuild it again!

Consider helping Aya achieve her dreams by helping sponsor her!

Levels of Sponsorship
Full sponsorship of $10,000 includes:
– One year of paid tuition and boarding (all meals while in school and lodging)
– Certificate of sponsorship.
– Skype update from your sponsored child each month. *Calls must be scheduled in advance.
– One letter every six months.
– Updates from the student on their personal blog.
–  Discounts on our upcoming hikes for education around the world

Partial sponsorship of $5,000 includes:
– Half payment of school tuition and boarding.
– Skype update from your sponsored child.
– One letter every year.
– Updates from the child on their personal blog.

Sponsorship Options

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