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edwardEdward was born in May of 1997. His parents died when he was four-years-old. After his parents died, his grandparents moved him to the village of Kirua to live with them. He had one brother who died when he was young. We are uncertain why. He also has one brother named Innocent who is one year younger than Edward. Life was hard for Edward before Make A Difference started helping him. Edward lived with his uncle who used to beat him after drinking. He was hungry a lot.

Edward likes football and Geography is his favorite subject. He would like to be a geologist when he grows up! Edward’s best experience with MAD so far has been going to the ocean during a university tour.

Edward wants to be a geologist! He wants to help his country produce oil and mining of minerals in order to raise the Tanzanian economy.

Read Edward’s Blog for updates on his grades, recent activities, items he received from MAD and goals for the future.

Consider helping Edward achieve his dreams by helping sponsor him!
Edward’s schooling is being paid for this year, but he has many years of schooling ahead of him and needs more sponsorship. Edward just graduated from Tengeru Boy’s School in Arusha, Tanzania. He will attend advanced level school from 2016 to 2017 and then go to college.

Levels of Sponsorship
Full sponsorship of $2,000 includes:
– Sponsorship of the child of your choice.
– Certificate of sponsorship.
– Profile of your chosen child.
– Skype update from your sponsored child each month. *Calls must be scheduled in advance.
– One letter every six months.
– Updates from the child on their personal blog.

Partial sponsorship: $400 includes:
– Sponsorship of the child of your choice.
– Profile of your chosen child.
– Skype update from your sponsored child.
– One letter every year.
– Updates from the child on their personal blog.

Sponsorship Options


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2 Responses

  1. Edward, I just saw your recent post and am so proud of you! You are doing so well at school – it is truly a remarkable achievement! Keep up the good work!

    We’re busy getting ready for the Christmas holidays here in the US. It has suddenly gotten very cold and we’re waiting for it to snow. I plan to do some skiing here in the Northeastern United States. Last time I was in Tanzania, I showed you all some pictures of us skiing and you thought we were crazy 🙂 I think that is a good assessment of what it takes to strap some boards to our feet and go flying down a snowy mountain side at a high speed. Sometimes it is even snowing and very windy when we go skiing all of which makes it sound even crazier, but we love it! I would love to show you snow someday.

    I have sent you a package which you may get after Christmas, depending upon your holiday schedule. Please know that I am carrying you in my heart and am sending tons of love and good wishes for you and your family this holiday season.


    Mama Jeannie
    xoxo (these are hugs and kisses 🙂

  2. Shawna

    Hi Edward! Thank you for your blog posts! What a wonderful way for us to keep up with your life and achievements. Looks like you had a terrific year at school. I am especially impressed by your ability to do well both in the physical sciences (like chemistry) and English/Civics/Geography. Great work! What are your plans for college/university? I’m also glad to hear that you found the Life Plan program to be very useful.

    Do you know what kind of a businessman you want to be? Is there a specific product or service you’re interested in?

    I have lots of questions – but I’ll start there. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!!

    Shawna, Neil, Norah, & Elliott Cooper

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