Donations Suitable for Any Budget

Give the gift of education now, so that we can:

  • Improve healthcare in the world by investing in future doctors
  • Improve roads and bridges by investing in future engineers
  • Improve the quality of education by investing in future teachers
  • Bring more peace and understanding to the world 

A convenient aspect of our donation program is that there are different levels of giving so that you may choose the level that is right for you, with the knowledge that your donations are making a significant difference to the children as well as the schools they attend.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a child please go to our Meet the Children page so you can learn more about them and specify who you’d like to sponsor. Each child has a bio and a link with their name for sponsorship. We encourage you to setup monthly or annual sponsorships so you don’t forget your date of renewal. You will have control over your sponsorship through PayPal to stop it anytime you wish. MAD never collects your credit card information.  

MAD just added three more students to our scholarship program and hopes to slowly add more each year  while keeping our focus on the highest level of quality education and care. Currently, to send all 26 of the children we help through college it will take $990.000. Please consider helping us with our goal! 

So far we have raised $200,000 towards our $990,000 target!




days of school paid for each year (for 25 students) 


medical expenses paid each year


meals provided

Investing in children and their schools since 2008. View more statistics.

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