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MAD Volunteer Program

MAD has successful programs, which offer opportunities for people from all over the world to check out how the organization works on a day-to-day basis and get involved.

Volunteer in Tanzania


Our Main Programs We Offer to Help the Children:

School Education Program:
MAD pays for school tuitions, uniforms, and shoes.

MAD hires locally professionally trained teachers to tutor the children on a weekly basis after school so they can better excel in their studies.

Sports Therapy Program:
MAD offers therapeutic sports training as a mechanism for children to release any anger and stress they may be going through.

Back to Your Roots Program:
MAD has mandatory quarterly health education meetings for remaining living relatives in the children’s lives to attend. Together with the children relatives learn about prevention of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, lust versus love, alcohol abuse, and self-discipline.

Pride in Country Program:
MAD rewards the children it helps with educational exploration trips within their own countries. It also brings in local mentors to discuss career opportunities in the countries they come from.

Income Generating Program:
MAD has the children participate in income generating activities to help raise money for their studies.


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