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I’m very happy to announce that…..

Hi everyone!!! I’m very happy to announce that in 2017 I t will be graduating from secondary school! Also, I’m so proud that all of my Make A Difference peers will be graduating with me as well. Within this last year of my secondary school, I will be undertaking national examinations. After exams, I will be on a long holiday waiting for the results which will be determine my next level of education joining advanced level (the last two years...
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During our last holiday

Hi everyone I am doing well since my last blog. During our last holiday from school I stayed in the Singida Region of Tanzania which is eight hours from Kilimanjaro region. In Singida, I met my aunt, uncle, cousins and my grandmother. They were all so excited to see me. I stayed there for almost three weeks and we celebrated Christmas and New Year together. Despite all happiness we were sharing with my relatives, on Jan 2nd, the sister of...
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At school

Hello guys! How are you doing? I am doing well and feeling cool. Last year I took my form two national exams by the examination council of Tanzania and results were out by the end of January 2017. My performance was not so good but I’m happy that I was able to move to the next grade. I was not sure that I’d make it to the next class. At school, we have different sports like football, netball and basketball....
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What I have done since the beginning of this year

Hi guys!! I’m fine and I hope you are fine too. This is my blog about what I have done since the beginning of this year. During the holidays, I always like helping my grandmother because she is the one who raised me and cared for me until I was sponsored. School opened on the 9th of January and now I’m in the tenth grade. Before starting classes, I was told by other students who had already passed 10th grade...
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I’m very happy to be in grade eleven this year 2017

Hi everyone!!! I’m very happy to be in grade eleven this year 2017. I’ve been studying very hard because I have to take many exams. The final exam is the national exam in November. Before the national exam I will have a graduation ceremony. All form four (11th grade students) who have graduated from school have a ceremony. In our class there are 25 students who are going to graduate and will be candidates of Tanzanian national examinations for ordinary...
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I heard about university several times….

I heard about university several times when I was in O level (secondary school). People attending university were always considered superb to me and I always wished that one day I too, would come to join the university and be like them. My desire to one day attend a university made me strive through many hard situations.. I went on struggling until I made it. During my O level I passed through many hard situations and exams. To me, going...
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It has been a long time since I updated l my blog

Hello Everyone!!!!!!! It has been a long time since I updated l my blog due to school work. School is going well for me despite a few challenges with being in a new international environment. However, I am still working on these challenges, so that I can overcome them. I like the school, (International School of Moshi) which I attend. It has a conducive environment for me to study in. The teachers encourage me a lot and are always ready...
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