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University life

I’m in my final semester at university. University life is hard and challenging but I thank God for helping me manage my studies. The courses I’m taking are; Business Mathematics, Accounting, Finance, Introduction to Business, Development Studies and Introduction to Information technology. My favorite subject is Business Mathematics and my hardest subject is Finance which is microeconomics. I will work hard to ensure good performance in my hardest subject. My grades are as below:- Business mathematics B Development studies B+...
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During my holiday

Hi everyone, I am now in school. School opened on Jan 8th and we had closed for one month. During my holiday, I met my grandmother and other relatives. We celebrated Christmas and New Year and all of my relatives were at home. We also helped with house chores. At school we usually compete for sports with different schools. We exercise once per week so as to get well prepared and I’m sure we will win the match. I’m now...
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I sat for my national exams

Hello everyone! We opened school on the 8th of Jan and classes resumed on the following day Jan 9th. Last year I sat for my national exams. Results were due at the beginning of this year and I found out that I passed well with division one. My exams results showed that I did very well in science and business subjects.I decided to opt for science classes. I’m in tenth grade for now and hoping to graduate next year. Share...
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I’m back again with a big smile

Hello guys! I’m back again with a big smile.This is a wonderful year for studying and being serious. Now I’m in ninth grade. At the end of October I will be having national exams and I will do my best to score division one which is the best score. Despite the fact that I’m good in science than in business subjects, I will try my best to perform well in all subjects. I’m growing taller and I’m interested and talented...
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I have a lot of fun things to tell you…

Hi everyone, I have a lot of fun things to tell you. First of all, I’m in the eleventh grade, which is the last grade in my secondary school (high school) and I’m expecting to graduate on October. Our graduation ceremony will include a lot amazing and joyful events. My Christmas vacation went well. I had a lot of time to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my relatives and neighborhood family friends. I helped my relatives with household chores...
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I’m doing well with my 11th grade studies

Hi everyone !!! I’m doing well with my form four/grade eleven studies. My favorite subjects are Chemistry and Physics and I’m trying my best to achieve my dreams. On Wednesday of each week I participate in sports and I like playing football in order to take care of my body. The school will held a small party to welcome new students to school in February 18th. The meals of that day will be special and we will eat, drink, dance...
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School holidays

Hi guys I’m now in form four which is grade eleven. I will be graduating in November. I’m very happy and so excited. During our last holiday from school I was very happy because that I went to my home village. There I met my relatives and we had good time with them. We also had a Christmas celebration at MAD’s guest house with my fellow MAD students and we were very happy to see Mama Theresa together with her...
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