About Us

Our Dream
To help children rise out of poverty and become leaders within their countries.

Our Mission Statement
MAD’s mission is to provide access to quality education in order to improve job skill set and better economies. 

Why We Help Tanzania

TanzaniaTanzania’s economy ranks among the world’s bottom 10 percent. Children between 0 and 14 years old make up over 40 percent of Tanzania’s citizenship. High risk of disease coupled with poverty results in low life expectancy and high infant mortality, 66.93 deaths/1000 live births. Only 35% of Tanzanian children attend school through the equivalent of 8th grade. Remarkably, around 75% of the children who complete the government’s primary school program cannot continue their education due to a language barrier. Primary schools are taught in the national language of Swahili but all secondary school entrance exams are in English. MAD realizes that the future of Tanzania depends upon the education of its children. MAD enables children to attend schools with English instruction and academic standards, so students pass their exams, continue to secondary school, and later have higher level training and university opportunities.
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Not Just Education, Quality Education 

Why We Are Different

  • We send the children we help to the best local private English (all classes are taught in English, but they also get to learn their local language as well) medium schools in their regions.
    The children receive accommodation and meals at the schools.
  • We make certain the children have access to private tutoring, allowing students improved understanding of their studies.
  • We provide sports therapy programs.
  • We pay for books, uniforms and all school supplies needed for the children to succeed at school.

What We Believe

  • We believe that by investing in quality education we can break the cycle of poverty and sickness that is present in the world today and furthermore better the economy by making sure students have the job skill set they need to get well paying secure jobs. 
  • We believe in rewarding children for honesty, hard work and improvement.
  • We believe in operating an organization that is fiscally responsible and continually shows where donated money is spent.


How We’re Funded

MAD is primarily funded through the support of private donations. We also raise funds through small fund raisers, grants, and foundations. 100% of every dollar you donate to MAD specifying “sponsorship” goes to the children. The administrative costs for MAD are only 10%. Our staff receives local salaries not international. Our focus is on children, not administration; these costs are minimal. We are incredibly thankful for the support that has enabled us to do the work that has touched the children we help.

Learn More
How You Can Get Involved

Our wish is to obtain five educational sponsors per child so that we can send the children all the way through college. We want the children to get the best education possible so that they may get careers and later help out the communities they’ve come from.

To sponsor one of our children the cost ranges from $400 to $2,000 USD.
The cost is $400 USD a year to be a partial sponsor and $2,000 USD a year to be a full sponsor.

In India we are working on expanding the school that we support in Mysore. We have a goal of raising $30,000 USD so that more children get the chance to study.

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